Thursday, August 9, 2012

10 Sweetest Things - 13 Months

Daniel's first carousel ride

The struggle and stress of motherhood is tempered by so much sweetness. These are some of my favorite things about Daniel at 13 months.

1. He took his first steps, all casual like, making me suspect he's been walking for months behind our backs.
2. Every morning, his first word when he sees me in the morning is “Nalu" (our dog's name.)
3. He says "Hi!" and "Bye bye" to everyone who passes him.
4. He makes the signs for "more" "all done" and "please."
5. He speaks with exaggerated mouth movement and enunciation. When he says "cracker" it looks like a puppet's mouth opening and closing.
6. He snaps his fingers while clicking with his tongue – as if he’s fooling anyone.
7. He reaches his arms up to signal he wants a hug. 
8. He laughs with delight as Nalu wrestles with his stuffed animals.
9. He sings "Row row row your boat."
10. He giggles and yells with equal enthusiasm. 

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Karinn Figdore said...

my favorite is #6... smart little dude!