Friday, October 14, 2016

10 Sweetest Things, 5 1/4

My baby is 5 already. Five and a quarter in a few days. Where do the days, months, years go? I just re-read some old entries, and was struck by how much I had forgotten. Everyone says that you forget things, but I didn't really believe them.

So, for the sake of remembering, here are 10 sweetest things about right now:

  1. He holds my hand as we walk to school. These days may be numbered, so I enjoy every last one.
  2. He kisses me goodbye, in front of his whole class. Ditto above - days numbered.
  3. He hugs me, both spontaneously, and when asked.
  4. He makes up his own songs. All the time. Sometimes I question the content, like the one with the refrain about drinking alcohol, but mostly they are about God's creation (Catholic School), or whatever he is looking at (ie living room couches.)
  5. He loves to read stories together. Current favorites: The Pout Pout Fish, Star Wars anything, and anything haunted.
  6. He asks us to make up haunted stories, almost every day, then tells us when they get too scary.
  7. He loves to help: vacuuming, feeding Nalu, emptying trash - any job he can do around the house, he does with joy.
  8. He's a road warrior. We can drive 6 hours to Central New York, with nary a complaint from the backseat.
  9. He's generous. He'll share his dessert, even if it's M&Ms, and he only has a few left.
  10. He loves to tell jokes. He's even creating his own material. He'll be writing his own blog entries soon.