Friday, April 20, 2012

Good News, Bad News

The lovely Claire, who has been an invaluable support to me, creatively and emotionally, just told me that she got her dream job—hooray! And that it’s in Baltimore. Ug.

Like Anne of Green Gables, when I find a bosom friend, I want her to stay with me forever. I hold on to many of them, and I want Claire to be in that category. Unfortunately, long distance communication is not my strong suit, and I have learned that some people, in spite of how much we love them, fall away from our lives. So yes, I am thrilled that Claire has this opportunity, and yes, I am so sad that she’s moving away.

But on another level, seeing her dream come true gives me more hope in my own. I have journeyed with Claire, watched her discern what she wanted to do for work, try things that didn’t quite fit, adjust, try something else, and persevere despite setbacks. After this long road, success!  She has found a job that will use her considerable skills, where she will be valued and important. Seeing this come together for her helps me to keep believing in my own dreams, to keep trying, to keep doing the next thing.

Yet wouldn’t a writer need to be writing for their dream to come true? That’s what the inner critic asks. I suppose he has a point. With vacation, some drama, and less naps from Daniel, I have not put fingers to keyboard too often in the past few weeks. But rather than giving in to fear or self-doubt, I’m practicing breathing. I’m reminding myself what Havi says, that we can only work on one tiny corner of the garden at a time, but any work we do helps the entire garden thrive.

So, no critic, I have not written much these past two weeks, but I have seen a lawyer to write my will, made a long-feared doctor’s appointment, supported a friend in a very difficult time, and prepared for my trip to Peru. Inner critic says, “Havi’s theory is a crock. You just say that to make yourself feel better!” Man, he can be an asshole. I’ll channel Claire instead. She would tell me that I’m right on schedule. I’m working on believing her.


Carol Fragale Brill said...

I love that your inner critic is a guy.
Listen to Claire. She sounds wiser than inner critic guy.

Julie Owsik Ackerman said...

You are so right, Carol. Claire is infinitely wiser than the critic.

Carol Fragale Brill said...

This morning, rewriting a scene where I needed to describe an elaborate mansion, i envisioned that beach house with the windows that shimmered like bubbles that we passed on our walk on Stone Harbor beach. I did not know that day We walked that i was storing details for a scene but that is part of writing.
Yes a writer needs to get words on the page. The days you do not you just might be recharging your writing batteries to fuel the next scene

Julie Owsik Ackerman said...

Carol, great reminder. I can't wait to see what shows up in my writing from Peru :)