Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Goodness, Guidance and Gifts

I’ve been trying something different in the past few weeks, and have noticed significant results. For over a year I’ve been waking up and doing morning pages first thing—three pages of long-hand stream of consciousness writing. It’s a place for me to complain, to brainstorm, to dump whatever is hanging around my brain from the day before or my dreams. Also, it’s a place where I learn not to censor myself, to just let it rip.

Recently I added a meditation to my routine. After morning pages I read a meditation, then lie back down in bed, close my eyes, relax my body and open my hands. I ask for eyes open to seeing goodness, a mind open to receiving guidance and hands open to receiving gifts.

And it works. Guidance: I have received guidance on everything from what to do next in my job search to what scene to fix in my novel. Goodness: I have seen wispy clouds in the sky, felt the blustery wind blowing my hair about, appreciated the chilly mornings of winter’s last stand. Gifts: I have recognized the many gifts that have come my way, including an exciting job lead and the very real possibility of bringing a puppy home on Easter Day.

Maybe the best gift of all is the feeling of calm I’ve had. In spite of many changes swirling in and around me, I’ve been living in the moment, taking my next small step, and getting longer and longer stretches without worry and anxiety.

Ask and you shall receive? In my case it feels like—ask, open yourself, listen, and then you shall receive.


Mr. Ackerman said...

Wow! I need to try this. My morning routine is to wake up at 5AM, 5:15, 5:35 and then 6:00. Each time I suddenly bust open my eyes and check to see if it is time to get up. Usually, I get out of bed because of the immense pressure and anxiety I feel about the upcoming day.

Tomorrow I think I'll give your goodness, guidance, and gifts a shot. I'd rather get up feeling calm and peaceful than frightened and anxious.

Historical Geek said...


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