Thursday, February 26, 2009

Celebrate Your Life

I had the great good fortune to spend time with some dear friends in New York City this weekend--a trip that was good for my heart and soul. I laughed until my belly ached and my mascara smudged many times. We talked and talked and talked and talked, and a recurring theme was the idea that each of us should celebrate our lives.

So often I get messed up by looking at what other people have, and either wanting it for myself, or thinking that I should want it, or wondering why I don't want it, when really, if I can refocus on my own life and my own choices, I have so much to celebrate.

So today I celebrate the fact that I have Tuesdays and Thursdays to work on my book, to take care of myself, to refresh my creativity with artist dates, to catch up with friends, to cook, to read, to write letters and blog entries. I celebrate the fact that Carl and I just booked a trip to Puerto Rico, somewhere I've always wanted to go. I celebrate my ability to surf which is steadily improving, my improving fitness, the time and space I've given myself to write, my ever-improving manuscript. I celebrate my house, my job, my friends and family. I even celebrate the difficulties, through which I learn so much.

What in your life can you celebrate?


sulu-design said...

So, so much.
Friends like you, near and far.
An amazing family.
The glorious light of Portland.
Coworkers and a boss whom I like to be around.
Health. And health insurance as of last week (yes!).
Enough age behind me to finally get over fretting lots of little stuff, like my red cheeks which plagued me for years.
Hours in the morning to do as I please.
So, so many things... thanks for making me think of them today.

Mr. Ackerman said...

Let's celebrate the arrival of Spring! Spring in Narberth is my favorite time of the year. Budding trees, blooming flowers - the Lilacs! Narberth puts on her best Easter dress every spring. I love it!

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