Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving Thanks

Obvious topic, I know, but a good one.

Here is my stream of consciousness list of things for which I am grateful:

1. My in-laws, who sure know how to party down at weddings.
2. My upcoming trip to Disney World
3. Christmas
4. Advent
5. Thanksgiving
6. My Grandmom Wade
7. My Grandmom Owsik
8. Stuffing
9. Gravy
10. Cranberry sauce
11. Champagne
12. Earth, Wind, and Fire
13. Manhattan
14. The Bronx
15. Mike's Pizza
16. Writer friends
17. My novel
18. Pat Rogers, S.J.
19. Any rockin' dance floor
20. My 1997 Cadillac Catera
21. River Side East hot dog stand in Elmwood Park, NJ.
22. My four nephews and two nieces
23. My buddy Julian and his awesome dance moves
24. New friends
25. Old friends
26. My new tv
27. My repurposed armoire, now holding our new tv
28. My warm and cozy house
29. My little collages that decorate my house
30. My cozy bed
31. Feathers to wear in my hair
32. Black sequin clutch purses
33. A 15 year old dress that still looks good and still fits
34. Weddings
35. Choirs
36. Trumpets
37. Funky dresses on Manhattan girls
38. Brothers and sisters in law
39. Chihauhaus
40. Maggie the puppy
41. Cousins that feel like siblings
42. Brothers
43. Parents
44. Narberth
45. Beaujeaulais nouveau (sp?)
46. The Metropolitan Museum of Art
47. The New Yorker
48. Fordham University
49. Suzy Lutjen O'Connor
50. Mermaids

What are you grateful for?


Dan Ackerman - In-Law said...

I am thankful for my awesome in-laws as well.

Mr. Ackerman said...

I am thankful for

my health and the ability to run a half marathon without training.

my big family - full of characters

I love the fact that I married a wonderful woman, who is very courageous and compassionate.

Ted Uncleman said...

Can we get a pic of the armoire in it's new and exciting life. I hope it enjoys many great movies, and may all it's buzzer beaters be won by the home team.

Anonymous said...

I'm 31 spots behing Earth, Wind and Fire. WTF!

好文 said...