Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Support-Key Component of Bras and Life

I have been overwhelmed since my blog’s debut with postings, messages, and words of support, which got me to thinking about the myriad words of encouragement I’ve received since I decided to leave The Firm to pursue writing. Something about this change I’ve made inspires the best in people, and they freely share it with me. Maybe it’s like how I feel about my friend Ben, who followed his heart and made a documentary film—I want him to succeed, because his success helps me to believe that I can too. (And because he’s awesome—check out the website for his film, First Person, which will debut at the Philly Film Fest on April 6! Or maybe like the Oscars. My Diablo rant notwithstanding, seeing so many dreams come true is inspiring. If for them, why not for me?

Whatever it is, the support is a huge booster for me, readers! Sending out an email about my blog was difficult for me, felt like that icky self-promoting I loathe. But then I thought that maybe instead of self-promoting, it was sharing my work. And that maybe, at least some of you would actually want to read my work. That in fact, many people have asked me how the writing was going, and actually wanted to know.

So I swallowed my fear and my pride, sent out an announcement about the blog, and lo and behold, was inundated with encouragement. Hooray! Thank you to everyone who posted comments, sent emails, or otherwise reacted. I know, intellectually, that I have many friends and supporters, but your words about the blog made me FEEL the love and support. For that, I am very grateful. So often I choose to suffer in silence, when if I just asked for help it would appear. Why do we do that?

My adventure of the past few days, regrettably, was struggling with some nasty flu/cold/virus type thing. I used to think that getting sick was my body’s way of slowing me down. But body, I must ask you, how much slower can I get? For months now I’ve been sleeping 8 hours a night, eating well, exercising pretty much daily and doing work that I love. Still, I fell to the Super Bug. A-ha! But another thought occurs. Being sick requires that I ask for help! Ok, Universe, I get it. I should ask for help when I need it, share my work when I need feedback, ask for encouragement when down. Lesson learned. Ya. So can you clear up this ickiness now, so I can get back to work?

Stay well, readers!


sulu-design said...

Ha. You've asked for help, but I'm going to offer some that wasn't quite what you were soliciting. You can make your friend's film's website a link in your text by highlighting his name or the name of his movie (or whatever you want to be the clicky word for the link) while in the "compose" stage of blogging. With the words highlighted, click on the little icon on the compose toolbar that looks like a worm with big eyes (one day I'll figure out what the heck that image is). A box will appear and you can type in, or better yet - paste in, the web address that you want to take people to. When you publish, the words that you highlighted should appear in a different color, and people can simple click on those words and get sent right to his or any other chosen site, which probably ups the chances a bit that readers will end up there, since it's so easy for them.
See? Like I said. Totally unsolicited help. But I dig the post, and am right there with you on the unbelievable support that lies within our friends and families. Lucky us.

megan schmitt said...

keep it up prima! your blog is wonderful and inspiring. you are wonderful and inspiring.

Mr. Ackerman said...

Dear writer lady,

I find your blog entry very intriguing. Would you say you are an extrovert - meaning you get your energy from others? I think that in sharing your writing and receiving responses from others you are making connections with an outlet of energy. I enjoy reading your postings because they make me think about my own dreams. So, thank you.

Julie Owsik Ackerman said...

Suzy - you read my mind - I wanted to know how to hyperlink - thank you!!!

All other unsolicited techie advice is very welcome :)